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On my copy, I have Murder of One, from 1993-11-07 Idiot's Delight Radio Broadcast. I included a link to download it below. Thanks for contributing to Crowstown, cjdilworth1213!!!

This is a radio broadcast from 1993.  I acquired it from the "Fuck Yeah Counting Crows" tumblir.  Unfortunately one of the tracks is missing (Murder of One).  I know this is a pretty rough sounding recording but that is almost what I love about it.  According to an old post I found about this recording, Steve Bowman is playing a cardboard box as a drum for this recording.  All songs are acoustic.  I would really enjoy finishing this show or possibly getting it in better quality (preferably FLAC).   If you might have this show, please check your collections to see if you can help me out.  If you don't have this show, enjoy  :) 

1. Mr. Jones
2. Rain King
3. Time and Time Again
4. Jumpin Jesus
5. Perfect Blue Buildings
6. Murder of One (MISSING)
*various interview interludes

Google Drive Link

1992-02-23 The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA
This is the very first audience recorded bootleg of a Counting Crows show (to the very best of my knowledge).  It is also the only live recording of Einstein on the Beach.  Please note that it is in a lossy format and the very beginning of Round Here is cut off.    I have attached tags and the cover art is a picture of the club sign in San Francisco. 

1. Round Here
2. Mona Lisa
3. 40 Years
4. Einstein on the Beach
5. Anna Begins
6. Omaha
7. Mr. Jones
8. Rain King
9. Counting Crows (original title for Murder of One)

Google Drive Link
Here is my latest project.  This is an audience recording of Counting Crows and Rob Thomas with the Outlaw Roadshow from last year.  It seems like a really fun night!  Adam is so drunk by the end that he can barely get through Rain King.  As a huge Counting Crows AND Matchbox 20 fan, it was so cool seeing them together in Chicago on this last tour and I absolutely loved discovering this show because Rob and Adam share a stage phenomenally.  Note: There are a few missing songs from the performance but this is everything that I can find recordings for, in the order they were played. 
Taper: Clairvoyant94

Source: 1080p audience video recording--> FLAC file rip of audio from 1080p videos --> Audacity for cutting tracks, and MP3tag for tagging and embedding cover art.

1. Introduction "Outlaw Roadshow"
2. Omaha
3. Banter "Everything we do is a sing along"
4. If You're Gone
5. Banter "Let's play some real music."
6. Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
7. Banter "A Tub of Beer"
8. 3 AM
9. Banter "Play something intense and pretty"
10. Blues Run the Game (Jackson Frank Cover)
11. Banter "Can we play it!?"
12. Like a Virgin (Madonna Cover)
13. Banter "Adam is being a dick."
14. The Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star Cover)
15. Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper Cover)
16. Banter "Song Writer Stuff"
17. Washington Square
18. Banter "Ryan... can we play two instead of one?"
19. New Rob Thomas Song
20. Banter "Had this song not existed..."
21. Rain King

Google Drive Lnk:

Clairvoyant94's original videos (Very worth a watch!)

Special thanks to Clairvoyant94 for capturing the experience and letting me use her videos. 

External Links / Re: Direct Download 1994.01.12 - Wetlands, New York, NY [SBD]
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Excellent!  Thank you so much :) 
External Links / Re: 2014-09-01 Acoustic Cafe
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Thank you.
External Links / 2014-09-01 Acoustic Cafe
« Last post by Cjdilworth1213 on January 08, 2017, 05:04:03 PM »
Hey everyone!  Just sharing something neat.  Here is the radio interview and performances from Acoustic Cafe in 2014.  The original source is MP3 (lossy) but I used audacity to transfer it to FLAC to prevent further audio degradation. I then cut the unbroken audio into individual tracks and added album art and tags.  I hope you enjoy.

The setlist is
1. Intro
2. Interview "Writing for a Play"
3. God of Ocean Tides
4. Interview "The Writing Process"
5. Scarecrow
6. Interview "Inspiration"
7. Richard Manuel
8. Interview "Palisades"
9. Cover up the Sun
10. Interview "Who I Am"
11. John Appleseed's Lament
12. Outro

*All songs were recorded during soundcheck for their show at the Greek Theater on August 17th of 2014.

This is my first time sharing a link like this so please let me know if it works.
This is my first time sharing so please let me know if this link works.

For the original unbroken MP3:
External Links / Re: Direct Download 1994.01.12 - Wetlands, New York, NY [SBD]
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New link for a week
Crows Town News & Info / Re: ATTENTION all members !!
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Any updates ?
CD Cover Artwork / Re: 5/20/00 - Dane County Coliseum - Madison, WI
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This is excellent work!
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