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New Theme and Stuff
« on: October 16, 2006, 02:02:35 AM »

Today we added alot of stuff to the site. We changed the theme to the old tapecity as the white hurts alot of people's eyes, it hurts mine when i spend alot of time looking at it.... I also added colours to every usergroup. (you don't wanna know how much time i spent to fix  I also started working on the FAQ which i also had to learn some hotmail to do that. It will take me some time to finish it tough! We also added the thank you button on this theme. W added Books & Literature in general discussion forums.  Now you can also give reputations to posts and also add a comment to it. Please use this option with care or i will turn this option off! The more reputation and points you get, your value to the site gets higher and higher and your reputation increseas.

Anyhow we are waitin for chris to finish up her theme as we have plenty more hacks to install to the site. There will also be a shout chat like the old crows town as i know most of you liked that.

Note: We still have to pay licence for this site as we do not have enough donations to pay it yet. The cost will have to be funded by the site owner by 12/01/06 for continued hosting. If you want to donate something please do it here:

The cost for the license is $85

Please help us to keep Crows Town up and running.

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