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nothing comes after August - poem
« on: August 10, 2007, 03:07:25 AM »
nothing comes after August

I sing these songs with Adam
he's a suicidal rival
with his grey guitars and Dylan dreams
inside blue buildings we contemplate
how easy ending could be
if memories and fear didn't get in the way
want to call him up
and offer my rain coat
protect him from the sting of hail
and the illusion of hell
but you see it's only the CD
and he doesn't even know me
like kind, familiar with the need
so the tears come and I can't stop their endeavor
I only know the sadness is worse
when others ask me to deny identity
slave to demand's outcry
wearing the straight jacket of guilt
in a thousand square foot padded cell
with a phone and a doorbell
and the sun screams for my attention
wind begs to touch me
how do I tell them
situations have made me frigid to life
and all I want is relief
just another Adam song
his guitar helps me cry
lyrics to die beside
as Mercury rises on the tide of singular inability
Adam and I are not strangers
we know there are no answers
never a prick of conscience
or a sigh masking laughter
tolerating the drone of days and days and days
lining up to pass as unnoticed fragments
left to rot on barges that glide away
as effortlessly as the many trials of concern
I try, honestly I do
but pleasure has migrated north
carrying my heart in a gunny sack
so I watch the children play
and the man slipping farther away
I sit on this fucking bed trying to find the energy to breathe
and consider all of the devices created
to help me leave

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nothing comes after August - poem
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Well, it ain't Bukowski...
Don\'t Confront Me With My Failures.  I Have Not Forgotten Them.

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