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Audio BitTorrent Seeding Guide
« on: October 31, 2006, 01:59:07 AM »
01. Make sure your seed complies with the seeding policy.

First and foremost, your seed must comply with the seeding policy here at Crows Town.

02. Create a folder to contain all your files.

Put enough information in the folder title so that someone can easily tell what is in there. Something like 'band YYYY-MM-DD source'. You want people to easily be able to find a show they are looking for on their hard drive. Simply putting the band name for the folder title doesn't tell them much about the contents of the folder. Good example: "2006.08.23 - Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC [AUD / FLAC]".  Bad Examples: "Counting Crows" or "2006.08.23".

03. If the music is from audio CD, rip it and compress to a lossless audio format.

If you are ripping audio from a lossless-sourced and digitally clean CDR or, preferrably, from an original silver CD, you must properly extract the audio data using an error-correcting CD ripper. Once you have accurately extraced the audio data from your CD, compress to FLAC, APE or SHN format.

04. Create a text file.

This text file must include all of the required information for your seed as specified in the seeding policy. This includes band name, venue/city, bootleg title, appropriate dates, lineage, and a complete numbered track list at a minimum. Band members, reviews, or additional notes are a nice touch, so if you have that information, please include it.

05. Include any artwork scans, pdf files, ticket stub images, other extras.

This is not required, but is always a nice touch for your seeds to include any extra goodies that would be appropriate with your seed.

06. Double check that everything is done correctly and that all text files have been saved and closed before proceeding.

Before you create your .torrent file, you must make sure that everything has been done correctly including images, file names, and a correct text file. If you change anything after this step, it will cause the .torrent file to be inaccurate and peers will be unable to complete the download. The most common error is altering the text file after the creation of the .torrent file, which will cause all peers to hang at 99.9% complete. Once you've double checked everything, be sure to save and close all the files associated with your seed and move to step 7.

07. Create a .torrent file.

a. Download the latest version of MakeTorrent and fully install it.
Please note that you can use other BitTorrent software, however we recommend this software to simplify the process.

b. Create a folder for the files you wish to share. (i.e. "2006.08.23 - Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC [AUD / FLAC]")

c. Copy the files you wish to share in the folder just created. Keep the path to the folder handy as you will need it later.

d. Open the MakeTorent software and choose the Classic option.

e. Select the "dir" button and select the parent folder you created above.

f. Click the "ok" button once the folder you just created is highlighted.

g. Add our Tracker Announce Url in the "Tracker" area which is:

Note: Please make sure to insert this URL exactly as it appears above. A mistake that seems to be a common one is accidentally including a space at the end from copying and pasting it from other places. Please make sure that you include only this 34-digit URL.
Click the "Create Torrent" button when the below screen comes up.

h. Add any comments about the Torrent you would like then click the "Next" button. (Optional)

i Choose the location where the Torrent file will be stored.
Save the file in an easily accessible area, but NOT in the same folder you created earlier.

j Name the Torrent file per our naming standards.
Example: "2006.08.23 - Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek - Raleigh, NC [AUD / FLAC]".  

k When done click the "Save" button.

l. The Torrent file will now be created and saved where you specified.

08. Begin seeding.

You may now open the .torrent file with your BitTorrent client of choice. After it checks the files, your client will register itself as a seed with the tracker. If you client supports "super-seed" mode, you will want to enable that. Though it's not required, this mode will help you distribute the torrent faster by lowering the amount of redundant uploads. If you don't use it, plan on the upload taking about 25% longer.

09. Check that Crows Town registers you as a seeder.

Once the torrent is showing one seed, you know everything is well. Sit back and watch the peers drop by. Remember to support your seed at least until there are a handful of other seeds active.

Thank you for seeding and supporting Crows Town community.