Author Topic: Netherlands - Russia 1-3  (Read 2561 times)

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Netherlands - Russia 1-3
« Reply #15 on: June 23, 2008, 11:54:54 AM »
Quote from: Graham;20252
The ball was adjudged to have gone out before the alledged foul so the ball was dead so no foul took place! Although replays show the ball didn't go out but there was also no contact between the players so it wasn't a foul. In a way justice was done

Its justice, absolutely.
But it doesnt mather that the ball was out or not, nor that there was no foul. The ref showed a yellow card, and he can not take a card back. Simple.

Official Uefa comment:
The assistant ref said there was no foul commited, so the yellow card was pulled back.

But, the ref gave a goalkick, so the ass. ref prolly told him the ball was over the line.....anyways, dont mather. We lost. Thats it :)

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