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FOTT - Postal Copy - Vol 3
« on: November 03, 2008, 12:32:56 PM »
Not exactly been overwhelmed with responses for these discs so far but whatwelike has picked up vols 1 and 2.  Wouldn't surprise me if he was in for Vol 3 as well :D  As long as one person gets the show then it will have been worthwhile.
Anyway the script is:
Vol 3 is now ready to go to the first person to PM me. The plan is for them to burn off a copy and send the original disc onto the next person who wants it and so on. So you need to be able to burn a dvd copy of the show to join this chain.

All i would ask is that the person to receive the DVD puts up a post to say the DVD is ready to be posted once they have got their copy. I'm not bothered where the disc goes so if you are in the states Australia etc then if you are first to PM me you'll get the show. If you fail to pass the disc on then I'll name and shame and you'll be excluded from further chains.

Detals of Vol 3-
Band : Counting Crows
Title : Live Collection Vol 3
Dates : Various ( See track list)
Location : Various ( See track list)
Pro-Shot or Audience shot : Proshot
Stand Alone or PC : PC
NTSC or Pal : PAL
Menus : Menu with song selection
Video Quality : 9
Audio Quality : 9
Comments : A FogOnTheTyne Production
Track Listing :

Menu 1:
PinkPop Festival
Megaland Landgraaf, Holland
Recorded and broadcast 19th May 1997

1. daylight fading
2. anna begins
3. rain king
4. mercury
5. a long december
6. round here

Menu 2:
Heineken Music Hall
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recorded 5th & 6th February 2003
Broadcast HDNet 24th February 2004

7. have you seen me lately
8. richard manuel is dead
9. mr jones
10. speedway
11. rain king (oh susanna alt)
12. a long december
13. big yellow taxi
14. catapult
15. good time
16. black & blue
17. hard candy
18. hanginaround

Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Broadcast 3rd Dec 2003

19. she don't want nobody near