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Introduction To The -Live- Project
« on: February 02, 2007, 09:47:18 PM »
Within the next few days we will be starting what will be our fourth compilation, Hard Candy-Live-(Four for Boys)

For those unfamiliar with whats gone on before, here is a brief history
Around two years ago, over at Bootcity, Simon wanted to do a Counting Crows compilation, I volunteered to help and we thrashed around a few ideas and came up with reproducing the bands studio albums using the best live versions available to us. Instead of Simon & me, picking our favorites, we deceided to give the members of Bootcity the chance to participate in the choices and ultimately vote for their personal favorite. So far we have made two successful albums and now its time for the third.

How its works?

1. The boring bit, Simon will listen to as many versions of a particular track as
humanly possible he will make a notes of the best ones then sends me the list, I then reduce the list down to the very best ones normally between 10-15 versions depending on how much the track was played etc, You can help in this process as a thread will be posted were you can post your favorite version.

2. When the final list is ready, I then edit the versions, and transfer them to
a site, were you can download them from, they will be in mp3, so you wont need any special software to listen to them.

3. The fun bit, A thread for each song will be posted along with the link to download the mp3 edited versions, also included in thread will be a voting poll, You have to listen to the edited versions then vote for your favorite, Its easy,

Also everyone who votes will have their name included on the wonderful artwork designed by our Christine.

I hope you will all participate in this project and make it as succesful if not
more so, as the previous three albums.

Special Thanks to Hal, Travis & Andy for all their help in the past, with
the technical stuff and giving us the opportunity to do this project as
a community effort.

The -Live- project team
Christine, Simon & Graham.
...And My Minds In A State!