Author Topic: Jon Anderson (of Yes) and Jean-Luc Ponty Have a Kickstarter Project Going  (Read 745 times)

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Jon Anderson, former lead singer of the classic rock band Yes, and Jean-Luc Ponty, famous for his violin playing, have formed a new rock band called the Anderson-Ponty Band, complete with a guitarist, a bass player, a keyboardist, and a drummer.

They have a Kickstarter to raise money for the project:

You pledge some money, and then if they reach their goal before the deadline, they take it off your credit card and use it to complete the new album (Which will feature original songs and some re-imagined Yes and Ponty classics from years gone by).  In return for your money, assuming the project meets it's funding goals (Otherwise they don't get the money you pledged), you can get various rewards ranging from a digital download of the album when the album is finished a few months down the line, for $10 (Kind of like a pre-order), to the microphone Jon Anderson is using to the microphone Jon is going to use at a potential concert in Aspen and to record part of the album for $7,500, when he's done with the microphone. Smiley  All kinds of pledge levels in between with stuff like CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, concert tickets, backstage passes, and all sorts of other stuff.

You also get some insider access with backer-only demos and updates and such.

While Jon with Yes, he sang lead on hit songs such as:

* Owner of a Lonely Heart
* Roundabout
* I've Seen All Good People
* Yours is No Disgrace
* Long Distance Run-Around
* Close to the Edge

And many more.  He was lead singer for something like 35 years.  17 of their 20 albums.  If you like something by Yes, chances are he sang it, and he probably wrote it or co-wrote it as well.

Anyhow, I'm not involved with the project or the Anderson-Ponty Band in any way.  Just a fan.  Wanted to help spread the word so they can help meet their goal and get the new album done.

The page has a video from Anderson and Ponty explaining how they met and what they're trying to do, some very early-stage music demo clips, and a lot more information on the whole Kickstarter concept and what the prizes are and such.

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Thanks for the info. I dig Yes.
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Thanks for the info. I dig Yes.

You're welcome.

I'm really hoping they can meet their goal.  Ever since Yes and Jon Anderson went their separate ways, I've been hoping Jon would get back together with some sort of a band.  He's been doing a lot of solo singer-songwriter type stuff, and that's fine for what it is, but I think he's at the best when he's got a full rock band to complement him.  Here he'd have a full rock band and a violinist.  I don't know what happens to the project if they don't meet their funding goals (Apart from that the site the site guarantees no one will be charged)- maybe the new band tries for it through a traditional music label, maybe they just figure the idea didn't have enough legs and don't move forward at all.