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Concert Ticket Advice
« on: September 03, 2015, 06:09:13 PM »
Hello fellow fans,

I have a question/solicitation for advice.  I've posted a bit about ticket purchasing before.  I must not really know what I'm doing.  Here's the scenario:  Bought tickets for the Rose Music center CC show on 9/8/15 THE MINUTE they went on sale.  I bought the best seats I could in the "normal" ($68/ea. - $175/pair after fees) range.  I noticed that the first 4 rows were meet and greet @ $150 ea. -- I sorta knew they wouldn't be able to sell those all and would eventually discount them.  I heard from someone on here that ticketmaster/livenation will exchange for better seats if they become available, so no worries on my part.

FastForward to this morning, I get an email from Rose that select tickets were on sale for $15.  This prompted me to go and look at the rest of the tickets and lo and behold, there are seats better than mine, now for sale for the same price.  I called Ticketmaster and they said they couldn't exchange them.  He told me it was up to Rose Music center and rose wouldn't allow it.  I called Rose and they told me Ticketmaster had a "No Exchange, No Refund" policy.

So my question/sought advice is:  What the heck am I doing wrong?  I Just want the best seats to see my favorite band. 

In Summer 2013, I got tickets on Groupon to see them.  In Summer 2014, they were friggin sold out all around me within a short time of going on sale.  Now in Summer 2015, I buy tickets early just to find out that had I waited, I would have gotten BETTER seats...

What gives?  What am I doing wrong here?  And is there anything I can do 5 days till the show to snag some of the better seats w/o having to try to resell mine (that obviously won't sell when there's better ones available).

Thanks for any inputs or sympathies!!

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Re: Concert Ticket Advice
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2015, 07:49:26 PM »
First thing's first - selecting best available the minute they go on sale will not get you the best seats. Ticketmaster spits out seats in what seems like a random order (it's probably not, but I haven't been able to detect a particular pattern). Unless the show has very heavy demand (you can usually tell because it takes several minutes for Ticketmaster to spit out tickets), never take the first seats you're offered. Search and search until you have seats you like.

I know they are intertwined companies now, but thinking about, I've only ever done exchanges on Live Nation events, and I don't think all Ticketmaster events are also Live Nation. Live Nation for sure does all the big amphitheaters, but not sure how many theaters. Try calling Live Nation directly instead of Ticketmaster.

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Re: Concert Ticket Advice
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2015, 08:28:56 PM »
Thanks for the reply!

I have also noticed that letting ticketmaster give you "best available" is NEVER the actual best available.

I selected my seats from a map of the venue when I bought them.  There were either blue dots or gray dots.  Blue dots were for sale, gray dots were presumably reserved and not for sale.  Some of the closer blue dots were the meet and greet and were $150 ea.  So I picked the absolute best "blue dots" I could that were $68 ea. (what I consider "normal" price)

I even watched it for several days (OK fine, I'm weird and looked at it for about a week or so) to make sure nothing better opened up. 

So I'm 100% sure that, when I bought my tickets, they were the actual best ones available and NOT the garbage that Ticketmaster tells you are best. 

So it makes me a bit miffed that they've now REDUCED the $150 meet and greets and/or freed up some of the previous "gray dots" and put them all at the same price that I paid.  Further, they're selling *some* tickets (probably wayyy back upper deck) for $15 ea now.

Ugh.  I won't let it get in the way of my good time (just like every body else), but Ticketmaster and Rose Music center are NOT on my good list.  I already gave Rose a pretty bad FB review and I plan to do the same for any other review sites I can find for Rose and Ticketmaster.  Apparently it pays to just wait and buy last minute or from a scalper.