Author Topic: 2016-10-21 The Outlaw Roadshow, Bowery Electric, New York City, NY  (Read 306 times)

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Here is my latest project.  This is an audience recording of Counting Crows and Rob Thomas with the Outlaw Roadshow from last year.  It seems like a really fun night!  Adam is so drunk by the end that he can barely get through Rain King.  As a huge Counting Crows AND Matchbox 20 fan, it was so cool seeing them together in Chicago on this last tour and I absolutely loved discovering this show because Rob and Adam share a stage phenomenally.  Note: There are a few missing songs from the performance but this is everything that I can find recordings for, in the order they were played. 
Taper: Clairvoyant94

Source: 1080p audience video recording--> FLAC file rip of audio from 1080p videos --> Audacity for cutting tracks, and MP3tag for tagging and embedding cover art.

1. Introduction "Outlaw Roadshow"
2. Omaha
3. Banter "Everything we do is a sing along"
4. If You're Gone
5. Banter "Let's play some real music."
6. Thirteen (Big Star Cover)
7. Banter "A Tub of Beer"
8. 3 AM
9. Banter "Play something intense and pretty"
10. Blues Run the Game (Jackson Frank Cover)
11. Banter "Can we play it!?"
12. Like a Virgin (Madonna Cover)
13. Banter "Adam is being a dick."
14. The Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star Cover)
15. Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper Cover)
16. Banter "Song Writer Stuff"
17. Washington Square
18. Banter "Ryan... can we play two instead of one?"
19. New Rob Thomas Song
20. Banter "Had this song not existed..."
21. Rain King

Google Drive Lnk:

Clairvoyant94's original videos (Very worth a watch!)

Special thanks to Clairvoyant94 for capturing the experience and letting me use her videos. 

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Re: 2016-10-21 The Outlaw Roadshow, Bowery Electric, New York City, NY
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Thank you!